Offshore Umbrella Companies provide Expat Payroll solutions for Freelance Expat:


Trust the market leader! SRSI has more than 15 years of experience in the business of Offshore Umbrella Companies. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your activity and special needs. Our long experience guarantees the security of your data and the use the best legal practices in the world.

A significant number of famous and reputable multinational compagnies listed on international stock exchanges all over the world and their expatriated employees use our services.

Our headquarters are based in Andorra and our branch is located in Mauritius and Costa Rica .

Work as an employee or employ staff without tax and legal constraints!

There is no discrimination as we ensure the possibility to accept all citizenships and provide competitive Healthcare Insurance, Assistance and Pension Plan for short or long-term jobs.

  • We provide bespoke Offshore Umbrella Compagnies and build a real partnership between our corporate clients and Freelance Expat. We permanently adapt your contracts to the evolution of your activity and your requirements.

  • Each Freelance Expat and each Corporate Client is meticulously followed by us. We provide a securised On Line Task Platform

  • Umbrella solutions are a powerful tool to work in foreign countries without the usual administrative constraints associated with expatriation.


Enquire now or contact us for a free quote adapted to your situation.