Corporate Clients:


How to employ people of any citizenship from around the world?

Our Company solutions provide the possibility to employ people through a SRSI flexible employment contract under andorran law (EU VAT) or under mauritian law. Our employment contracts are compliant with all juridictions across the world.

Define the deal with your applicant: salary, per diem, flight tickets, etc.

Then, our Company drafts the agreement and signs off the employment contract with your applicant on your behalf.


Technically, our Company executes 2 contracts simultaneously:

– A commercial contract with you (Corporate Client).

– A SRSI employment agreement with your applicant (Expatriate).


By doing so, all your problems find a tailored solution:

  • You provide a Healthcare Insurance, Assistance Insurance and Pension Plan for your Expatriate of any citizenships all over the world 24H, 7 Days. ( Our Insurances )

  • You avoid to pay a costly and not competitive public healthcare system.

  • You find an administrative solution in order to employ people of any citizenship and of any age (pensioners).

  • You meet to your own clients expectations in terms of flexibility. SRSI job contracts are flexible, can be renewed or interrupted depending on the job requirement.

  • Lower salary costs, admistrative costs and at least production costs and increase your competitivity.

  • Motivate Expatriate with an optimized remuneration package much better than an ordinary employment contract depending on your company. At least, keep your Expatriate loyal!


• writes and manages the job contract under your constraints.
• manages insurances.
• manages holidays, diseases, etc…
• calculates the monthly salary and bonuses in any kind of currencies.
• edits payrolls and pays in any bank choosen by the employee all over the world.
• closes, interrupts or renews the employment contract.

Technically, SRSI employs Expatriate who work for you. Ask us a simulation and be surprise of the costs!


Moreover, you benefit of:
  •  A secure web platform, You can check informations linked with your Expatriate in real time.
  • We speak english, french, spanish and arab, it will be more easy to communicate with your Expatriate.


Enquire now or contact us for a free quote adapted to your situation.