Expat Payroll:


SRSI is a company that aims to provide companies with the best Expat Payroll solution for all employees. Whether it be locals or expatriate we aim to provide services that ensure complete compliance for your in country operation. We offer employment solutions for clients who do not have a registered entity. This allows the company to operate while being fully compliant in all.

We simplify your operations. Each of our services can be specialized to your individual needs and SRSI HR Expat Payroll will ensure that we can provide the tailored solution you deserve.



Employment Outsourcing:



SRSI offers very effective solutions for temporary and permanent employment.
The employment outsourcing is an easy way to hire employees in other countries where you do not have a legal entity or where you are not allowed to hire people.
It enables you to establish a team in a new country in the quickest and most efficient way possible.
We will act as the Employer of Record. It means that you will outsource the hire and the HR administration function while you keep the operational management of the employee.



SRSI will hie the local or expatriate employee on your behalf in the country of assignment. It includes a local employment contract, the registration of employee, the payroll, the statutory deductions and the processing of visas if required.

The employment outsourcing is the ideal solution of organizations which:

  • Need to hire employees in a new country immediately.
  • Need further market exploration before committing to a subsidiary and full office infrastructure.
  • Want a low-risk, cost controlled presence.
  • Want to enter a new market quickly and efficiently, while maximizing result.



  • Fastest way to hire an employee in a new country.
  • No immediate requirement to incorporate a local company.
  • As the legal employer of record, we are highly invested in a productive and compliant HR relationship with the overseas employees, ensuring minimal severance and termination issues.
  • The ability to test a new market with minimal investment ; although your employees may be employed through us permanently.
  • Alignment between our interests and yours.
  • It allows you to focus on your core business.


Support services:

  • Local services such as new bank account, first accommodation, car rental, etc.
  • Assistance in processing passports, visas and work permits.
  • Employee medical insurance and health and safety support.






  • We provide payment services to expatriates wanting to be paid out of their country assignment and/ or country of residence. This is a very common solution when you need protection against local, political and financial instability.
  • We pay from our head office to any bank account in the world.


Support Services:

  • Expatriate medical insurance.


Payroll Outsourcing:



  • SRSI Expat Payroll provides a comprehensive payroll outsourcing solution to Clients. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and high-quality standards.
  • Our solution caters for all activities, albeit an individual or the complete project payroll requirements in numerous countries. Our clients comprise of both smaller entities and multinational conglomerates.
  • Our reputation has been built on our accuracy and timeliness in processing salary payments, allowing our clients to enjoy the time and costs saving benefits associated with a specialist payroll service.
  • Our business dictates that we stay current in terms of all required statutory deductions.



  • Centralising of payroll function – one point of contact across numerous payroll locations allows ease of administration and standardized quality levels.
  • Expatriate payroll experience – detailed understanding of tax compliance and expat salary structure complexity.
  • Regular management reports and ad hoc queries.
  • Completion, submission and payment of monthly, bi-annual and annual statutory tax and benefit returns including social security, employee tax and other contributions as required in accordance to the legislation of each country.
  • Up to date statutory changes through multiple sources including relationships with local service and legal firms.
  • A dedicated Payroll consultant handling each assignment;
  • Quality of service measured against defined service level agreement.
  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance.



  • Quality and accuracy of work controlled by service level agreements.
  • Single solution for all Country Payroll requirements.
  • No internal payroll requirement for each country, reduces in country risk.
  • Time and cost efficiencies on payroll processing, checking and administration;
  • Confidentiality of payroll data.
  • The compliance with each country local legislation is outsourced.
  • One contact point for HR department.
  • Elimination of payroll system license fees.


Support Services:

Assistance to employers with other regulatory issues and compliance with local laws is a natural extension of the payroll services. Some of the more services are:

  • Design and implementation of remuneration policies including base pay, benefits and bonus structures.
  • Preparation of contracts of employment.
  • Management of the employer’s obligations relating to industrial relations.
  • Assistance in processing passports, visas and work permits.
  • Employee medical insurance health and safety support.



  • Our company acts as an employer to expatriate who usually work under a fixed term contract assignment.
  • We process the time sheets received from the employee for the work completed for the client, we provide payroll to the employee and we issue an invoice to the client for payment.
  • The client is effectively the company for whom the contractor works. The client often elect to use our employees as it affords them the ability to temporarily augment their staff or capability without the burden of the legal requirements associated with permanent employees. Using contractors without the burden of the legal requirements associated with permanent employees. Using contractors also facilitates special skills and typically provides the advantage of a broader skill set as the contractor has typically worked many companies and organizations during prior contracts.



  • Our Company offers a safe, simple an totally compliant employment solution for individuals who either elect not to or whor are prohibited from working with their own companies.
  • We can provide an Service that is tailored for the overseas market and that is of an equivalent of higher quality and professionalism as competitors who have been operating for many years in the more established international markets.
  • For the company utilizing services of the contractor, the company is able to facilitate the statutory deductions and the payment of applicable taxes in the country there the contractor is working, whilst insuring the contractor payment is structured effectively.


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