Individual Expatriate:


We provide an SRSI flexible employment agreement under andorran law (EU VAT) or mauritian law. That means for you:

  • The possibility of having a lawful job contract all over the world with absolute compatibility with all local laws.

  • You may subscribe to our low cost Healthcare Insurance or Damage and Assistance Insurance and use them 24H, 7 Days. There is no more need for you to purchase an expensive and yet inefficient insurance from your country of origin.

  • You can accept any job of any duration and that perfectly suits your schedule.

  • No age restriction (pensioners), all citizenship and countries of residence are accepted.

  • Your employment contract can be produced in less than 1 day upon completion of appropriate documentation.

How does it work?:
Each Expatriate can autonomously work without the constraint of a legal structure. Our Company manages your payroll administratively.

First, you contact a foreign company for a job. You determine together the deal: wage, per diem, flight tickets, etc. Then, our Company drafts the agreement and signs the contract with your employer on your behalf. From then on, you can commence work.

Technically, our Company simultaneously signs 2 contracts:

  • A commercial contract with your job provider/employer.

  • An employment contract with you.

  • We become your « employer », we pay you and provide you with one of the best insurances.

    Each month, SRSI sends a bill to your employer and a pay slip to you. SRSI pays your wage to any bank account of your choice all over the world.

    Our Contracts provide number of tax and administrative benefits to your employer and yourself.

  • The freedom of a Expatriate who keeps an employee status.

  • Realize your project without the constraint to create your own legal structure.

  • Optimize your remuneration package.



  • You can consult our securised web platform during you first job. We send you a personnal password with which you can follow your own data during your job.

  • We speak English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arab. It is a major advantage in order to communicate with your employer.


    Enquire now or contact us for a free quote adapted to your situation.