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  • Nearly 95% of billing for the employee
  • No social contributions withholding
  • No source withholding
  • Health Coverage, Work Stoppage, Global Repatriation
  • Individualized support for our employees
  • True Partner for Businesses

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  • egis
  • vinci-energies
  • bolore
  • asammali
  • iata
  • afci
  • apave
  • ccm-cg
  • cerutti experts
  • CILG
  • dassault
  • eiffage
  • expertise france
  • Onduline
  • entrepose
  • Dorsch Gruppe
  • secours catholique
  • the global fund

Individual Freelancer

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How to manage your Internet activities?

Examples of ported activities

  • Online courses and training.
  • Online consulting services.
  • Graphic and artistic design services.
  • Personal or professional online coaching.
  • Content writing and editorial services.
  • Web writer
  • Computer programmers
  • Youtuber
  • Online translation and interpretation services.
  • Software and applications download. (Provided you have the rights)
  • Sale of digital content. (Provided you have the rights)
  • Remote medical or health consultations.
  • Streaming platforms (Provided you have the rights)
  • Publishing of electronic books (e-books) and audiobooks. (Provided you have the rights)
  • Sale of photographs and images. (Provided you have the rights)
  • Subscription services for exclusive content. (Provided you have the rights)
  • Webinars and virtual conferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is salary portage?

How does international salary portage work?

Salary portage is a form of employment that offers great flexibility to workers while ensuring them a certain security. It allows qualified professionals to work independently for one or several clients while benefiting from the advantages of employee status.

What are the advantages of international portage for companies?

By opting for salary portage for a mission, companies of all nationalities make the choice of simplicity and fluidity in managing their international projects. This approach offers numerous advantages, notably by avoiding the constraints associated with traditional work contracts, with their administrative and tax burdens. Here is how salary portage facilitates missions abroad for client companies:

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